Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Money For Nothing || Outfit

The title is a Dire Straits song title, and this post will be related to money (somehow).
I wore this outfit one day, and then I noticed something- all the clothes I'm wearing are affordable, available to all, and still make a colorful outfit with a vintage vibe.
So I decided that will be the post topic! I don't mean this outfit is very cheap, but it is definitely available for everyone, as of it's pieces are mostly from Ebay, Aliexpress, Sheinside (now SheIn).
I think thrifting is the best way of saving money and getting the cutest and most unique outfit, but as a fashion blogs reader apart from being a fashion blogger, I know how looking at others' amazing thrift finds may be sometimes frustrating.

This denim blouse was altered by me to an almost crop-top length. I trimmed almost 10cm (it was LONG), hemmed the bottom, and left ties. I was inspired by the wonderful Annika, whos blog I have recently found, and her DIY Cactus Shirt.

I was very surprised of this skirt's good quality. It is from aliexpress, made of cotton (lightweight cotton, but who needs more than that in summer?), has pocket, sewn well and has a nice print. I love the stye and length, and the only thing it is maybe missing is a lining, whoch I did not expect for that price (which is not so low, but at least I didn't have to pay high shipping fees- as I pay when I buy from U.S online stores).

I admit, this bag is the only part of the outfit that would probably be hard to get. I got it from a clothing exchange event, which also included shoes, bags and even CDs! It look new and I wonder who was the one who didn't want that treasure.

blouse: SheIn (re-hemmed) || skirt: Aliexpress || flats: Caligula (similar) || earrings: Ebay ||
lipstick: Rimmel London Kate collection #110 || backpack: clothing exchange event



  1. I am all about affordable clothing to make vintage style looks, so I am all over this ;) I love a bit of denim and it looks great paired with this floaty feminine skirt. Perfect summer look!

  2. Wonderful!
    Greatly appreciated your photos

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  3. Gah! Your outfit is super cute! I love the vintage flare <3 Plus denim shirts and flowy skirts are kind of my favorite...