Sunday, June 14, 2015

My Top Three Vegan Breakfasts - Part #2 || Health & Food

Good morning to you all! (or whatever time it is in your country).
I guess the last post was a bit long time ago... I have been busy lately preparing myself for Uni, looking for an apartment, etc.. (as you heard was my decision in the last post).
I also worked many morning shifts, and so had mostly the part #1 breakfast which is great for times you don't eat your breakfast at home- I just prepare myself my "breakfast kit" and I'm ready to leave the house!

Today I'll be bringing to you the part #2 of the series -

Oat Porridge!

What you'll need:

  • A banana (kind of a must in my mornings)
  • A handful of walnuts and pecans
  • 4 tbsp of thick oats
  • your favorite berries - I used frozen (we don't really have fresh ones in Israel)
  • cinnamon
  • about half a cup of non-dairy milk (I combined three sorts)
  • some goji berries 
  • A bowl
Of course you can replace the fruit and nuts with whatever you like...

Here's how I do that-
Prepare a small cooking pot.

Cut the banana(it's better to cut into rather big pieces because you'll cook them), add the berries (the fresh/frozen ones), add the oats.

Then pour your desirable amount of milk into the pot. As I said, I combine three sorts- regular soy milk, vanilla flavored soy milk and almond milk- I think it tastes the best with that combination.

That's about how much milk I use.

Now you have to boil water.

And add to the mix in your cooking pot.

Now for the cooking! Bring the water to boil again, then reduce the heat and cook. You'll know when it's done depends on how thick you want your porridge to be.
My method is- when I try to take only liquids from the pot with my big spoon, and I can't because there are always some oats getting in the way, then I know it is the desirable thickness for me.
I'll demonstrate-

As you can see, my spoon caught both oats and liquids- so now I turn off the heat.

Pour in into your bowl (this one is my favorite, and is also vintage- it was my grandma's).

Add nuts and the goji (to add vitamins).


Mix it all- and that's it!

I assure you- it tastes better than it looks ;)
It is actually my favorite breakfast of all three...

Hope you'll enjoy :)


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