Monday, June 1, 2015

Just Around the Riverbend || Outfit (and life decisions)

Hello darlings! This time me and my Nadav (aka boyfriend) visited this small park near a stream. And of course- took some photos on this lovely bridge above it ☺

I used a Disney quote (Pocahontas, to be specific) for the title as well as a Disney top in this outfit post. I love Disney, and this song is one of my all-time Disney's favorites (and I feel is a bit underrated, probably because "colors of the wind" has stolen all the spotlights), but today it is here to convey a message.

I'll explain- lately I've been very busy making life decisions (and boy, how this consumes one's time!). I had to decide what to do with my life now, after I graduated from high school, and was done with serving in the army- now I am a grown up and have to choose my path.
Maybe it shouldn't be as dramatic as I make it sound, but I just had to figure out what my dreams are, in terms of career- what do I see myself enjoy doing 10 years from now? I mean, I know what I like to do, and what are my interests, but to pick just ONE? Sounds impossible!
And another thing I have to take into consideration, sadly, is the money,
So like Pocahontas said- should I marry Kocoum? Should I pick a practical profession, that will give a good job for sure? Or maybe just flow with the river...

Should I become an artist? Musician? Maybe a scientist? Should I study fashion design? English literature? Art history? Mechanical Engineering? Physics?
Or maybe I should postpone the university for now, stay at my job, travel the world, until I I'll know for sure what is right for me? Those are the questions I asked myself lately.

Something that I've learned from all this uncertainty is that I can never know FOR SURE what is right for me, Because there isn't just one thing that is right. I choose it and it becomes the right thing.
My father said to me- "Make a decision, and believe in it without looking back", and so I did.

But that wasn't very easy too. My conclusion was that I want to study now, I love studying. I first signed for an Art&Design college for two courses- Patternmaking and Advanced Sewing Technics.
I thought I'll study that this year, and keep my day job as well, and then we"ll see.
But when the signing up period for the Hebrew University of Jerusalem was over, I then started to doubt my decision- I don't have a chance to sign for there any more!

Then something had switched in my mind- I have always wanted to be a scholar, a university students, I love science. I want to know about how the world works, I want to move to Jerusalem- It will be an adventure! That, at least, what I want to do RIGHT NOW- who knows what will happened?

That day I canceled my registration for the college, and signed up for Physics and Classical Studies for the next year at the University.
I"ll be moving to Jerusalem very soon! Wish me luck ;)

top: Fox (very,very, very old) || skirt: Sheinside || belt: hand-me-down from sister
bracelet: gift || shoes: Asos (the closest to vegan Swedish clogs I could find) : cardigan: Modcloth
hair pins: a dollar store || cloth bag- was supposed to be Little Prince but there is just a half of him now : I got it from the public library of my city || lipstick: Rimmel London -Kate collection #110 (thanks for the advice, CiCi! - apparently it is a dupe for  Lime Crime Velvetine in Suedeberry which she wrote a review about)

 And thanks for the photos! You are really getting good at it :)



  1. I am glad you are making decisions without taking that task lightly. I hope you will have amazing time in the adventure your choice will take you. You look beautiful as always. I coulobe more proud of you. I love you:)

    1. Many thanks to you for the heart warming comment!
      I hope you'll join me next year ;)