The blog tells a story about a girl in her early twenties named Maria (often called Mara), who shares her interests, creativity and outfits-of-the-day.
She currently is after two years of serving in the army, and works at a telecommunication company as an IP network operator. Her dreams are becoming a physicist, science teacher and fashion designer.

In her spare time she is working on sewing projects, embroidery or just crafts, reading a book (Sci-Fi, Fantasy, some classics, or fairy tales), having a tea party, browsing clothes (or shoes!) online, playing classical music on her guitar, drawing, photographing, and practicing her French and Russian.

She is originally from Belarus and currently living in Israel with her parents, grandma, older sister, and a magical cat named Kimi.

She loves old stuff and especially the Edwardian era and the 1950s.
She also is crazy about the Anne of Green Gables book series, and the name of the blog is a name of a chapter at Anne of Avonlea (a wonderful one!).

You can contact me at- agoldenmaria@gmail.com

Hope you all will enjoy the Golden Picnic~

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  1. Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! You can check out the post on my blog Friday 10/2.