Sunday, March 29, 2015

Lose Your Coat || Outfit

Long time no blog! Yep... indeed I wanted to blog more frequently, but those last weeks were crazy, I literally had no time to breathe! It was a combination of the usual thing I do, but a lot more of them.
I saw more people, had more French and sewing&pattern making class homework, and worked a lot more (and in the next post you"ll see why I needed the money...hehe any guesses?☺). And of course all of this AND the time taking the photo store to develop a camera film.

So... you have probably noticed all those sunny days recently, they make me so happy!
I just can't stand the cold, and I'm really sensitive, so I guess in contrary to the post title, I probably will be using my coat maybe a few more weeks. But the day I took those photos was full of sunshine, and they came out flowery and bright. ☼

This shrug I got, believe it or not, in a thrift store!
Lately I tried the art called thrifting, and enjoyed so much. I don't have a lot of those stores near to wear I live, and usually do not have the nerves to do it. But when a nice old lady opened a secondhand store near my house, where she sells only clothes that were hers and her family's, I thought I would give it a try. I found another cardigan, and a scarf for my boyfriend which I"ll post about some day.
I plan on finding some more secondhand stores near the city I live in, and go on a thrift haul.☺

 dress : Modcloth (no longer available) || shrug : thrifted ||
brooch (that small button in the middle of the shrug) grandma's || bag: Aldo ||
thights : a supermarket || shoes : Chelsea Crew via Modcloth ||
lipstick : MAC Lady Danger || earrings : Michal Negrin


Monday, March 16, 2015

La Petite Parisienne || Inspiration

I think this post will show you how much I struggle with the whole old film camera thing (the outfit photos in this blog are taken with a film camera, by the way ☺). I just love photographing with it, I have this hobby for a long time, and I never thought of getting a digital camera. I'm still a beginner at self- shots though, and so the photos don't always turn out how I wanted them.
I do think lately of getting myself a digital camera, of course it does not mean I'm leaving this film- camera hobby, but I think it would be essential and a good investment (and my parents agreed to share this expanse with me, as an early birthday present!).

This outfit is acftually a Zooey-Deschanel-from-Oliver-Peoples-commercial inspiration. Have you seen it? I think it is just lovely!

Zooey Deschanel Wears Dear Creatures: Oliver Peoples Campaign from Dear Creatures on Vimeo.

She dressed so Audrey-ish in this video! I absolutely adore Zooey's style... I first discovered her in 500 Days of Summer (which I watch more than 10 times I think, and with the same friend. We sort of have a tradition to watch it), and then New Girl, I just love all the outfits she wears there (you can see them on wwzdw,com if you haven't check that website out yet). I think she has the cutest style, and I had bangs just like hers before getting my pixie cut. With that said, Audrey Hepburn is still my all-time favorite style-crush, no doubts (and I"ll do few Audrey-inspired outfits as well).

Oliver Peoples are the glasses brand Zooey advertises, but mine are actually Gucci. They are the first sunglasses I ever got, and that's because I wore glasses all the time since I'm 8. Six months ago I had a LASIK surgery, and the first thing I did after I could see, was getting them. their style really attracted me in the glasses store, and they also have Polarized sunglasses, which means they have more protection for my sensitive eyes.

cardigan: Golf || skirt: H&M || tights: Grandma's || wedges: Caligula || beret: Ebay ||
lipstick : MAC Lady Danger || handbag : gift from parents from Prague || scarf : Grandma's


Thursday, March 12, 2015

Victorian- Regency inspired Bonnet || Project

For long time I've been craving for one of those beautiful bonnets you can see on Period dramas, with all those flowers and laces,
So I decided to make one of my own. And here's how:

Materials I used:
a straw hat
some plastic flowers
a piece of fabric (for the back of the hat)
a very hard piece of cloth (to make the back underneath the fabric stay head- shaped)
beautiful embroidered fabric for the inside
many ribbons and laces

And there you have it!

I actually found a very helpful video on youtube:

Basically followed the instructions, and added some of my ideas of course.

My main inspiration were the lovely Cosset from Les Miserables and Little Dorrit (I also did lots of pinteresting). I'd love to live in their era!

I learned so much from making this, most of is just what not to do when I make a hat.
For example- do not sew with a sewing machine parts you glued, the needle is breakable!
I'm making a big Victorian dress these days with the help my sewing teacher, when I'm done expect a Victorian Outfit post!

Hope you like it! (and the modeling of the lovely Monsieur Noodles here).


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Song to the Siren || Outfit

Hello darlings! This time my adventure takes place on a huge rock in the middle of the sea.
And instead of taking my tripod I took Noy along with some books!

It was just a lovely and sunny day and we dressed up and went outside to play mermaids. I usually don't like water so much and the whole sea-thing, but stories about mermaids make it a more fascinating place. Don't they?
People always said I'm lucky to live so close to the beach, but I never saw anything good at it, I rarely been on beach in the summer. That until last year, I learned to look at it in a lot more romantic and poetic way- that means I don't have to enter the water, or get burned by the sun (I can never get tan), just sit beside the shore with a good book (preferred poetry), and listen to the quietness.

The general idea of this outfit shoot was to dress in a "reading outfit", and that also what I told Noy to wear :) 
I really loved the length and collar of my dress, as well as the lace details that make it look preppy-ish maybe mixed with 50s style. The dress is made out of linen and has a nice lining.

This is the lovely Jane Eyre book I had picked up in a secondhand bookshop, and finished reading recently. I enjoyed it so much! I am planning on doing a Jane Eyre inspired outfit post and then I'll write more about it.

Dress:Golf  || Belt came with a skirt || Top borrowed from Mom  || Flats: H&M 
|| Tights & Headband:some unknown accessories store 
|| Teardrop earrings: XiyanJewellery  (purchased on Ebay) || Lipstick: MAC Russian Red

Vest, blouse, skirt, necklace: borrowed from her Mom || Earrings: Michal Negrin (similar)
|| Purse: Aldo (now out of stock)

I am studying French these days (along with a full-time job), and our teacher gave us this dialog to recite from the movie Le Grand Bleu (or The Big Blue).
I thought it would suit the sea mood:

Johanna: raconte-moi une histoire.

Jacques: Tu sais ce qu’il faut faire pour vivre au milieu des sirènes ? [...]

Johanna: No, woah, dis-mois...

Jacques: Tu descends au fond de la mer très loin
Si loin que le bleu n’existe plus
Là où le ciel n’est plus qu’un souvenir
Une fois que tu es là, dans le silence, tu y restes
Et si tu décides que tu veux mourir pour elles
Rester avec elles pour l’eternité
Alors elles viennent vers toi et jugent l’amour que tu leur porte
S’il est sincère
S’il est pur
Et si tu leur plaît

Alors elles t’emmèneront pour toujours 
Johanna: J'adore ton histoire...

and the translation:
 Johanna: Tell me a story.
Jacques: Do you know what to do to live among the mermaids?
Johanna: No, woah , tell me....
Jacques: You go down to the ground of the sea very far,
So far the the blue does not exist any more,
Where the sky is nothing more but a memory.
Once you are there, in the silence, you stay.
And if you decide that you would die for them,
Stay with them for eternity
Then they come to you and judge the love you carry with you.
If it is sincere,
If it is pure,
And if they like you
Then they will take you for ever.
Johanna: I love your story....

Well, I tried to translate that, and I hope I got it right. And if not- I hope you"ll forgive me because neither English nor French are my native languages. ;)

(My photos by Noy, Noy's photos by me)