Thursday, July 16, 2015

Garlands of Summer || Sewing Project

As I said in my last post- I recently finished my Butterick B6018 dress, and now I'm ready to show it to you- and with a surprise at the end!

Materials I used: flower patterned cotton from my local fabric store (4 metres of it), some cream colored cotton, 5 buttons I could cover in fabric, one cream invisible zipper and cream colored thread.

Level: I'd say average. With a lining it would be harder, but I think it is worth it (mine is unlined).

Size adjustment: I made it in size 12, but adjusted the waist to be smaller.

Would I make it again? Definitely! But this time lined, It has such a 50s feel to it!

Other comments: I can't raise my hands more than half height! I wonder if it is suppose to be, or I did something wrong. Something to think about for next time...

My lovely friend and photographer Veronica was nice enough to take all the photos (and the surprise☺), and so the rest of the post is dedicated to her, and her gorgeous vintage dress!

I wore my new dress to the theatre with Nadav (we watched The Threepenny Opera by Bertolt Brecht), and I got a few compliments. One of them was- "You look like in WWII era!".

dress: handmade || shoes: Modcloth (no longer available,in black and white, similar 1 / 2) ||
gloves: Into the Woods flash sale || purse: antique market || lipstick: Revlon Fire&Ice
earrings: LOMOMO (purchased via Ebay) ||pearl necklace: hand-me-down from mom

And for the most exciting thing-

We filmed a video! And that means I have a youtube channel now! I hope you enjoy :)


Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Haunted Wood || Outfit

Hello dearies! Another title taken from Anne of Green Gables book series (tryinitg to make it a thing...). I"ll open with an announcement - you may maybe remember I signed to university and started to look for an apartment to rent as long as I\m a student. Well, I found it! I"ll live with two other roomates (a male and a female) and two lovely cats :)
No more buses and trains and two hours away cities for now...(it is indeed exhausting to look for a place you"ll call home for the next three years).

Onto that lovely skirt: I got it at Alexandra's last flash sale on instagram, here's how she styled it in her blog Into the Woods. It actually reminded me a lot of that teenage movie The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, which I remeber to love back then! The movie is about four best girlfriend who have to seperate for summer vacation for the first time in their lives. They decide to share a pair of jeans by mail, and every girl has to keep it a limited time and send it to the next one. The jeans magically fits them all, and also helps the one who wears them when in trouble.
I remeber seeing some bloggers pass around a vintage dress and style it, but that was long ago, and I don't even remeber who's blog that was. I'd love to participate in something like this!

This skirt really made me want to try and make my own gathered skirt, and now it is almost done. It was a project I learned a lot from, as I included in this skirt belt loops, lining and pockects, which made the process a bit more tricky! I am not a very good seamstress yet, and I only make clothes with the help of my teacher, and this was the second project I did by myself, and will post about soon.
Not long time ago, I actually finished my first by-myself project, but did not blog about, as I'm planning something special for it. It was from Butterick B6018 pattern.

top: hand-me-down from mom || skirt: Into the Woods flash sale, originally from Kelly Falconer Design ||
handbag: TopTen || shoes: Modcloth (no longer available, similar) || earrings: Ebay
lipstick: Rimmel Kate Spring Collection #16

And Nadav wanted to show off his new sunglasses!