Monday, May 18, 2015

Crazy Old Hat Lady || Outfit

Well hello to you! Today I have a hat included outfit for you and an announcement- I need more hats.
I think every true vintage lady has a decent amount of hats in her collection, and I just put all my effort (and money) into the clothes and shoes, that I forget the hats and what they bring to an outfit.
So, a note to self- invest in hats- they are important! (Even this one is borrowed).

 Let's talk about these shoes for a second! Aren't they lovely? I think they are GORGEOUS, I can see myself wearing them a lot.
They are Chelsea Crew, and in a perfect coral spring shade, that will add instant pop of color to any outfit. They are also surprisingly comfortable, and the heel height is just right for everyday wear (although they are great for any occasion I think).
About the sizing, Modcloth suggested to size down and so I did - I am usually a 39 in Chelsea Crew and I got the 38. They fit a little tight, but just new-shoes tight, and not the not-wearable kind of tight. But I think I could have got the 39 as well. I am totally in love with those beauties :)

 Have you met my little Gnome? I embroidered him long time ago using cross stitch, to add some interest to this cardigan. When I was younger I did lots of embroidery projects with a friend (who taught me to do this). Isn't he adorable? ☺

dress: Honigman || cardigan: Honigman (with a little gnome added by me) || hat; borrowed
hat flower: handmade || shoes: Chelsea Crew via Modcloth || earrings: a gift || lipstick : MAC Lady Danger


(and photos by Michal Yaacov of course)


  1. I really like that outfit.. Those shoes ARE gorgeous!.. But that hat.. It looks familiar.. Like something I gave you a few time ago.... 😘 i am glad to see you using it well and that it brings you smileS... Always keep your head and facw from this hell like sunny days! Love you my sweetie <3

    1. Thanks Elena, you are lovely!
      I do use it these days, trying to protect my face stylishly ;)
      Let me know if you want it back......

  2. I completely agree about wanting to get my hands on more hats! They make such a difference to an outfit, don't they? And yes, your shoes are lovely - I wish I could get hold of Chelsea Crew in the UK... and that my feet weren't such a strange size I could risk the shipping from Modcloth! Also want to add that your photos are really gorgeous - I'm always really impressed with how varied and pretty they are! CC x

    1. Oh, thank you so much:)
      Ah, I'd like some little 40s hats in my wardrobe!!
      I got my first Chelsea Crew (that pair is second) for my birthday from my sister, after reading LOTS of Modcloth reviews. Now that I know my Chelsea Crew size it is much easier;)