Friday, April 3, 2015

The Bend in The Road || Outfit

Can you feel it? I sense the winds of change are coming at my way...
I just haven't realized it would be so fast! Few of you might remember, that in the last post I said I was working more lately. So here is why- I bought my first DSLR!
It is a brand new Nikon D7000 and a fabulous lens - Nikkor 50mm AF-D f/1.4. I also have a vintage lens by Nikon which is 50mm f/1.8, which I got from my driving teacher, along with a great Kiev film camera which I used a lot in the past. I guess it is from the 1970s!
I am still leaning how to use all the functions in this digital camera, I bet you could tell☺

The two cameras you can see above are my most loved ones-
Zenit ET, an SLR that I got from my dad's friend, it shots good quality photos, and I used it a lot because of it's self-timer (which is not very-common in film cameras).
FED 3 is my first, it is rangefinder camera (I love those!) which my father got it for his 25th birthday (somewhere in the 80s)! Unfortunately the shutter has a hole in it, and my dad fixed it just recently. I must buy some film and give it a try.

For a long time I looked for crop cardis to match with my dresses, and here is my solution for now (Since I only found them on Modcloth, and only in plain colors)- I just tie them! I love this look and I finally can wear my summer dresses on colder days. The only disadvantage is that they get very wrinkly and you must iron them before using, unless you'd like to tie them again!

dress (worn as a skirt) : H&M (with added lace in the bottom) || cardigan : Lord Kitsch || headscarf : Handmade
necklace : gift from mom for my 16th birthday || tights : grandma's ||
lipstick : Revlon Pink in the afternoon (Ebay) || shoes : BAIT footwear (bought via Modcloth, available in mint at bait)

(Photos by Michal Yaacov♥)



  1. Awww, ❤ right back! It was a delight to take ur photos while also driving u crazy..hehe(: The future does look promising with this new camera(; תתחדשי,בוביק

    1. You are lovely! I hope we will have more days like this :)

  2. Gorgeous photos :)
    btw, I've been meaning to ask you if you know a good place for fixing film cameras! I want to surprise my dad and fix his old camera ^^

    1. What a great idea :D Actually, the one I trust the most with film cameras is a friend of mine, who is an electric engineer and also very into photographing and old cameras. I guess you can give him your camera, if you don't mind the distance. If not, I bet the stores on Alenby St. that sell those old cameras have labs that fix them too. Do you know exactly what is the problem of the camera? Maybe I could just ask my friend how you could fix it yourself if it isn't a major one!

  3. Seems like you had no trouble getting to grips with your new camera - your photos are gorgeous! And I love the colours in this outfit (and little leather camera bags are one of my favourite things, they're too adorable). Tying cardigans is one of my favourite things to do too... only problem is it stretches them a bit :S CC x

    1. I still haven't figured out completely how to use the autofocus, glad to hear it it isn't very noticeable :) And yes, the cardigans do stretch a little (my sister was a bit angry with me when I wore hers in this way), but I usually wear tucked in a skirt or tied so the bottom of them isn't seen anyway.