Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Girls Nowadays Only Wear One Petticoat - Sci Fi&Fantasy Convention || Lifestyle

I wanted to post this almost a week ago, but I participated in a photography contest, and they didn't allow putting the photos anywhere online until it is over.
Now it is...

Today's post is going to be about Sci-Fi &Fantasy convention - Olamot Con. I tend to go to those once in a while, two or three times a year. They have many interesting lectures, they sell books- new and used, stands where artist sell related stuff and have a lot of people in beautiful costumes. Sometimes I prepare a costume especially, sometimes I put on a cute dress I already own.
This time, as you can see, I wore my bonnet that I have recently made (you can see the process in this post), and a dress I made last year with my sewing teacher. The convention staff also conducted a photography contest, and you can see my participation name tag in the photo above.

 This look really made me think of Little Dorrit series cast-

Maybe only the length of the skirt is not appropriate for that era...

And here is why this post got it's title:
A girl dressed in a black gingham dress came to me as I walked around the stands and said- "your undergarments are showing". I laughed because I understood she meant my petticoat, but that made me think.
It immediately reminded me of a quote of "Anne of the Windy Poplars" -
"I've got three petticoats on, haven't I? They tell me the girls nowadays only wear one.
 I'm afraid the world is gitting (intentional mistake) dreadful gay and giddy.
 I wonder if they ever think of the judgment day." 
Interesting how modesty rules have changed through the last decades!
Of course not everyone of the Edwardian era were as strict as Cousin Ernestine, because Rebbeca Dew promptly asked -  "Do you s'pose they'll ask us at the judgment day how many
petticoats we've got on?".
Well, I don't know much about modesty rules as I'm a non-religious Jewish lady, but I find it fascinating.
So when people asked me if my costume is of a particular character, I just said - "An immodest girl from the Victorian era". I guess it was of mixed eras- the bonnet is more Victorian and maybe even Regency, and as for the dress- I did think of Anne of Avonlea 1975 series when designing it!
 Afterwards I had some vegan ice-cream (chocolate sorbet - my favorite!), and my boyfriend (who went with me) got a Skyrim hat ☺

Here are some of the people I came across while wandering there:

dress : handmade || bonnet: handmade || tights; Ebay || boots: BAIT Footwear ||
 scarf : TopTen|| petticoat: Hell Bunny via Modcloth


  1. Lovely as always(:

  2. Splendid! how come you haven't shown me the dress before.. Or maybe you have and I have forgotten? You are beautiful and charming as always. Love you a lot:)

    1. Oh, of course I have, but it was long time ago....Thanks Elena! :)