Friday, April 10, 2015

All You Need in Spring || Outfit

This time I simply wanted to go out and take some spring-outfit photos, and whoops! the rain thought otherwise,,,
I guess the colder days are back for a little while, but still, here are my spring essentials for this season:

Mint colored clothes- the ultimate color of spring! It goes with many other bright colors, and I have to add more of it to my wardrobe.

Cateye sunglasses- cute and stylish, improve every outfit and add 50s to the look,

Colorful scarves- Lately I wear these a lot. I think they go best with collared blouses or shirt dresses, and have an Audrey Hepburn vibe which I love!

High waisted capris- I am more of a skirt or dress wearer, but I just couldn't resist those. I loved their fit, and I think they could go with many styles. They are actually full length jeans which I folded into capris. I'd love to have some printed ones as well!

Peep toe & bright nails- I wanted to wear my new and favorite peep toes, but my legs hurt so badly this day because of other heels I wore for 10 hours the day before, so I decided to go for the more comfy this time. But- the point is clear, peep toes with bright nails are so lovely to wear in spring!

Bright lipstick- I am working on my lipstick collection right now, and this is a new favorite. Coral lips for spring are my choice for this year.

A pixie cut- I know I had mine long before spring, but I think it is great for hotter days. 

Blouse: thrifted || jeans: Forever21 || wedges : Caligula || scarf: thrifted
lipstick: MAC Costa Chic || sunglasses: Collectif  (I got as a gift with a coat I bought!)

Those photos were taken at my boyfriend family's house back yard - I was invited to celebrate Passover with them. Then he was trying to improve the bow he had made (I think he is trying to be an archer now☺).



  1. Mara you look lovely !
    Really love everything your'e wearing
    Class is here 😎

  2. Today it raind a lot right?:)
    Thank you for brightening this dark day with your loveliness ;)
    You look awsome and your fashion is once agaun on point. Love you...😘

    1. Haha I'm glad you liked it. I hate it when I put the winter clothes in the back of the closet and then the cold and rain come back!

  3. My staple casual outfits look a lot like yours here - I'm a huge fan of indigo high-waisted jeans; so easy to wear with everything! I like how you've paired mint with red here - I'd not for of that, but it works :) CC x

    1. I love those jeans too, so happy I found them :) I'm glad you think so, I love matching bright not-matching colors!