Thursday, April 30, 2015

Blossom of Snow May You Bloom and Grow... || Outfit

Edelweiss...edelweiss... Oh how I wish it was!
But I make do with what I have- lovely sunflowers everywhere☺
Even though Israel is in bloom for a very short time - we have maybe a month long spring-  and then there is a really, really REALLY long summer, if you search good enough, you"ll find places like this, that are full of growth and beautiful nature.

This skirt is definitely my go to skirt - I bought it and another one to wear to work, I needed something that is easy to match with, fits my style, and in the same time warm. Oh, and inexpensive.
This skirt really lived up to my expectations. The quality is not amazing but it is warm enough, and I like the shape and color- a cool toned brown that can match lots of my winter clothes.

Pretending to be a sunflower myself ☺☺☺ I love using this hair flower in times I need to add some color to my outfit. I made it myself using a flower from plastic bouquet and a hair clip. It is very simple, and I can show you how it is done if you readers are interested.

top: Crazy Line (hand-me-down from mom, refashioned)|| skirt: Sheinside || belt: gift
socks: Mashbir|| flats: Call it Spring (sold out, similar)|| earrings: Magnolia ||
sweater : grandma's || brooch: grandma's || hair flower: handmade || lipstick: MAC Costa Chic

 A special thank you to my friend Veronica who was behind the camera!



  1. Well you are cute and lovely as always.. Keep the good work..
    Although I have to make you be aware of a biological mistake you made. These flowers you referred as sunflowers are in fact a flower called coronaria.(חרצית עטורה)
    I had to Tell yo. You can't find sunflowers in our city... It does not grow naturally in isreal... And to different the coronaria from it is just looking at the size.. Sunflowers are big almost as a baby's you

    1. Thank Elena! It is true actually, the only sunflower is the hair flower I am wearing, those are just simple chrysanths. But if it is all I can get without driving too far, I shall live with that! :)

  2. Your hair flower couldn't be a more perfect match for your scenery! Lovely. What gorgeous photos - your friend did a great job. And I would gladly trade our longer spring for a super long summer - sounds ideal to me :) CC x

    1. I agree- I wish she had more time to take all my blog photos! And yes, everybody here is complaining about the heat, but I don't mind, I love summer :)

  3. This outfit is adorable! I love the skirt.

    1. Thanks! Me too- it is just a perfect every day wear :)