Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Four Winds Harbor (+I made a skirt!) || Outfit & Project

Hello to you all! Long time no blog indeed, huh?
Well, I recently was busy thinking about the contents of that blog, what I want it to be, other things I want to post other than just outfits. There are some nice post I came up with for the near future!
Also, I've been studying a lot of math lately- to prepare myself for University (physics won't be easy...).

But, remember when in the last post, I said I'm working on a gathered skirt with pockets? Well, here it is! I did it without any pattern, just some youtube videos and previous knowledge. I added lining, pockets, belt loops and the cutest button.
The skirt is made out of cotton fabric from my local fabric store, and rayon fabric for lining,
Take a closer look;

You probably noticed those gorgeous sandals I'm wearing (how can you not, with their glowing beautiful color!). These are fisherman style shoes , original Meduse jellies. I had a clear pair when I was younger because I was afraid of sea water, and I didn't have to take them of when entering the sea ☺
They are the perfect choice for summer, they magically go with almost any outfit, they are super comfortable, easy to clean... and they are vegan! I think they are a great vegan replacement for the beautiful Saltwater sandals, that are made out of leather, unfotunately.
I got them from Sunjellies, and they have lots of cute colors, so I plan on getting more of them (I wish I had them in EVERY color☺).

blouse: thrifted || skirt: handmade || sandals: Sunjellies || necklace: antique bazaar (originally pilgrim)
lip color: SoftTouch VIP #337 (but I don't recommend, it is very sticky)



  1. Oh I LOVE your skirt sooooo much! The print is to die for and the style is absolutely perfect for the summer. Oh, I am also really loving your jellies:)

    1. This fabric really stood out among the cottons in the fabric store! Thanks ;)

  2. I'm in envy of anyone who can make their own clothes - and such cute ones! Nice work :)

    1. Thanks! I'm still trying to figure out how all this sewing world work, hopefully I'll stop making so many mistakes in the future...

  3. Great job my friend.. How is your dress going? I hope to see it soon on the blog so everyone can admire your work.

    1. Oh, that dress... I'm so close to giving up as I made so many mistakes!
      I hope the finished product will at least be wearable!

  4. Absolutely stunning! You look amazing!
    x Angela // missangellane.blogspot.com

  5. I love the pretty colors in your outfit; that lovely floral skirt really is super pretty. ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill