Monday, August 17, 2015

A Very Merry Unbirthday to You!

Hey darlings! :)
Well, yesterday (16/08) was my 22nd birthday! Yay!
I wanted to shoot birthday outfit photos for you, but unfortunatly I forgot my lipstick somewhere in the apartment I rented for University AND ate ice-cream before I took the photos.... So you can probably imagine the amount lipstick was left on my lips when I got home (read- none!).

I did not celebrate it yesterday, anyway.  Nadav is on a two week trip to England, Scotland and Ireland, so when he comes back I'll make a birthday praty outfit post!

Instead, I bring to you my Unbirthday post, on my first Unbirthday in the age of 22.
Here are some facts about important (to me) people's life in the age of 22, just to encourage myselt a bit (or maybe just fruastrate myself, as I did not achieve anything half as significant yet).

So... when they were 22, they:

Abert Einstein published his first paper

Anne (from Green Gable Series) moved to Windy Poplars and started working as the principal of Summerside High School

Lord Byron wrote Maid of Athens ere we part, and already had a few poem books published

Audrey Hepburn starred in the Broadway play Gigi and won a Theatre World Award

My mother got married

Lucy Maud Montgomery already had her teaching certificate for two years

Lewis Caroll graduated with a B.A in Mathematics

Mary Costa voiced Aourora in Disney's  Sleeping Beauty

Charles Darwin went on his five-year voyage around the world

Prince Phillip and Prince Naveen were this age when their story happened

Julie Andrews appeared on television as Cinderella in a musical with the same name, and released her debut solo album

Max Planck presented his habilitation thesis

Queen Victoria was already the queen of England for four (!) years

Beethoven began studiyng with Hydn, and gained a reputition as a virtuoso pianist

And here is me, wearing my birthday crown,
 in my newly rented aprtment, next to the apartment's cat, George.
That's how I look when I'm 22!
I'll be a Physics student this year, and I'll tell you what I achieved when I'm done being 22 ☺

P.S: I have just fount out there is a whole book full with those facts called When They Were 22 :O


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  1. Good luck my friend, happy birthday and best wishes. I sincerely love the crown.... Wish I had one on my birthday... 😘