Tuesday, October 6, 2015

I've Never Seen a REAL Princess! || Life Event

Hello to all the readers!
I know you did not hear from me for quite a while, but- here it is!
I'm sharing with you today the photos from my birthday praty, as promised.

The party was themed as a Waltz Picnic Tea Birthday Party, so we enjoyed tea and listened to waltz all along!
And of course the tea was served in that gorgeous polka-dot teapot from Belarus :)

I think it is important to mention, although I think some of you could guess- the entire birthday feast was vegan.

Here are some more photos of the guests and my outfit...
I love that dress so much! It makes me feel like Audrey in Givenchy's dress in the movie Sabrina (or, at least, the closest to Audrey I could ever feel).
It is SO poufy! it has three petticoats underneath!

And how can you have a Waltz Party wothout some waltz dances? ;)

At the end of the party, a little girl came to me and gave me a flower. She said she have never seen a real life princess and asked where is my castle... That was adorable! I wish she came earlier and joined us!
I am considering dressing as a princess and walking in random parks- then I'll have tea parties and take photos with little girls, and tell them about my life as a princess :D

dress: Modcloth (oh no! out of stock, similar) || flats: Modcloth (out of stock too) || 
pendant : a gift from Nadav for my birthday, he got it at Lumina Jewellery, on his trip to the UK||
tiara: Ebay || lipstick: Revlon Fire&Ice 

P.S: Madison from Minnie Muse nominated me for the Versatile Bloggers Award- you can read about it on her blog. This is so exciting! I'll follow the rules of the award in the next post.


This post is dedicated to my father, who passed away from cancer less than a month ago, which is the main reason of me not blogging lately.
Those photos were the last thing I talked to him about- I brought my laptop to the hospital to show him my birthday party photos. He always loved that I dressed that way, and took photos of myself (he showed my video to EVERYONE, including the nurses in the hospital).
I showed them to him in the morning of 9th of September, and he passed away that evening, at 55 years old.
I won't go into more details, but I know everything is going to change now...

Here is a family photo, I think about 20 years ago. I am the smallest



  1. I'm so sorry for the loss of your father. I hope you find a place of healing and peace amidst the sorrow. ❤

    You looked beautiful at your birthday party.

  2. You are so adorable, I love your style! My sympathies about your father! And blessings to you!

  3. You look absolutely lovely! Absolutely beautiful!!
    But I'm so sorry about the loss from your father. My condelances, and a big hug from me to you, darling!
    x Angel / missangellane.blogspot.com