Thursday, March 12, 2015

Victorian- Regency inspired Bonnet || Project

For long time I've been craving for one of those beautiful bonnets you can see on Period dramas, with all those flowers and laces,
So I decided to make one of my own. And here's how:

Materials I used:
a straw hat
some plastic flowers
a piece of fabric (for the back of the hat)
a very hard piece of cloth (to make the back underneath the fabric stay head- shaped)
beautiful embroidered fabric for the inside
many ribbons and laces

And there you have it!

I actually found a very helpful video on youtube:

Basically followed the instructions, and added some of my ideas of course.

My main inspiration were the lovely Cosset from Les Miserables and Little Dorrit (I also did lots of pinteresting). I'd love to live in their era!

I learned so much from making this, most of is just what not to do when I make a hat.
For example- do not sew with a sewing machine parts you glued, the needle is breakable!
I'm making a big Victorian dress these days with the help my sewing teacher, when I'm done expect a Victorian Outfit post!

Hope you like it! (and the modeling of the lovely Monsieur Noodles here).



  1. I noticed something familiar at the begining hahaha love your hat... 💜 i hope one day to create one of my own;)

    1. Haha yep... I took the first photo after the bonnet was ready...
      I just have an outfit-idea for your hat, and than it comes straight back to you :P