Saturday, February 21, 2015

It's Snowing! || Outfit

Well, it's not. At least not here.
Next year I will probably be moving to a very-snowy city to study in the university.
(I still haven't decided what, but at least I know where!)

Until then, I made a snowflake, put on a snow outfit, took the camera and went outside.

I think it's because I lived most of my life in a hot country, that I am so enthusiastic about snow.
I've only seen snow twice or three time in my life- once when I was born, until my family left Belarus
(I count that as a one time because I don't remember that anyway), and the others on trips - in Czech with my family and in Poland with the school.

I just think there is something so magical about waking up, and seeing through the window a white world!

I really love this skirt because of it's length, and it is also so warm and cozy (I really suffer from cold all winter). But the main reason I love it is because it was my Grnadma's and she  gave it to me recently - it's a true vintage! I altered it a little bit (just cut and sew the elastic band in it) because it was very wide, and voila!

sweater : H&M || turtleneck: basics store near where I live || belt: old ||
tights: Mom's || skirt: Grandma's || hat: bazaar || shoes: BAIT footwear via Modcloth || glove: Ebay